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April 5, 2014


Photo Credit: Steve Conlogue/Safety Officer SDR

Debris pickup is continuing to move at a fast pace after Winter Storm Pax dumped thick sheets of ice and caused mass power outages across Aiken County on Feb. 11. The County’s contractor, Southern Disaster Recovery, has collected an estimated total of more than 550,000 cubic yards of debris out of a total of 600,000 off of county-owned roads as of Friday. Crews have collected storm debris in 28 zones established in the county, and the contractor estimates to be complete with debris pickup in about 25 days.

County Public Works Director John Dyches urged residents cleaning up debris unrelated to the ice storm not put that debris out for contractors.

The City divided cleanup into three passes – a “pass” is one sweep of all city neighborhoods.

Pearce said the initial estimate of total debris he shared at a City Council meeting on Feb. 24 was approximately 278,000 cubic yards, and staff believe they will collect all remaining debris in three months from the storm’s original date.

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Story By: Maayan Schechter

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New Photos from Aiken Debris Clean Up

April 4, 2014

1-SDR Aiken County debris clean up operations 4-4-2014 2-SDR Aiken County debris clean up operations 4-4-2014 3-SDR Aiken County debris clean up operations 4-4-2014 4-SDR Aiken County debris clean up operations 4-4-2014 5-SDR Aiken County debris clean up operations 4-4-2014 6-SDR Aiken County debris clean up operations 4-4-2014

SDR Safety Officer Steve Conlogue was on hand for debris clean up operations the first week of April. More than 100,000 cubic yards of storm debris has been collected in Aiken County alone.

He grabbed a few impressive shots of the work being done with SDR crews and Subcontractors.


Aiken County Targets Late April for Debris Cleanup Wrap

March 28, 2014

Work on Winter Storm PAX debris removal continues for Southern Disaster Recovery work teams.

As of Friday March 28, 2014, according to the official Aiken County Government website, it is estimated that 81 percent of storm debris has been collected from County roads. The projected completion date of storm cleanup is the end of April.  Southern Disaster Recovery (SDR) is removing hangers, leaners and storm debris from County roadsides AND private roadsides.

From the Website:

So, what are a hanger and a leaner? A hanger is a dislodged limb that is fractured or broken that may fall into the public right-of-way. A leaner is a tree, out of plumb, that may fall into a roadway or if originating from a roadway may fall onto private property.

SDR is moving through the 28 zones that were mentioned last week. The most efficient way to remove the debris is to get the hangers and leaners downed first. In some areas, debris is being removed BEFORE the hangers and leaners are removed; in some areas, hangers and leaners are being removed FIRST.”

You can check out the County government website to learn more about the process through a daily debris summary that is offered along with a collection progress report.


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