At Southern Disaster Recovery we value safety. The safety of our team in the field and the safety of those we serve is our highest priority. During disaster recovery operations safety officers and management personnel are constantly on the lookout for potential problems.  This mindset is key to accident prevention.

Our management team is steadfast in its commitment to safety procedures and training in all phases of our professional services. Our supervisors are held accountable for implementing best practices and regular training of the staff. Our employees are the key to our success. Their participation in regular safety training, both mandatory and voluntary, in collaboration with industry directives and injury prevention training is part of the SDR mission of excellence.

We feel it is critical for each employee on our team and those of our subcontractors to be dedicated to the principle that accidents can be prevented. Accident prevention is a key part of the planning and execution of each job we take on. When we are in the field, we are working as an extension of those we serve.