In February 2014, much of the State of South Carolina was covered in a thick layer of ice, bringing down trees and power lines causing major disruption of services to residents. Aiken County was the hardest hit of the 22 counties that received federal disaster declarations, with our total cost of clean-up and recovery exceeding $30 million. Thankfully, due to our efforts to have SDRunder contract, we were able to put [them] to work within hours after the storm passed. Your assistance in clearing roads enabled us to open lanes for emergency vehicles and utility trucks to get to citizens if needed. Further, after the initial “push” operation, the major task of collecting and disposing of the more than 1.5 million cubic yards of debris was done in a most efficient and professional manner. The crews and equipment [SDR] brought to bear on this project enabled us to recover from this disaster much faster than we could have ever believed would have been possible. Additionally, [their] familiarity with FEMA procedures and practices enabled us to get answers to cost recovery questions quickly and accurately. [Their] knowledge of FEMA’s approach to such matters made navigating that part of the recovery, while not without its challenges, much easier than it would have been otherwise. SDR made a disastrous situation manageable and [their] work was exemplary.

– Clay Killian, Aiken County Administrator – Aiken County, South Carolina


SDR recently performed disaster recovery services for SCDOT. These services included the collection, hauling, reduction, recycling, and disposal of vegetative and construction and demolition debris. Services also included acquisition, preparation, management, and restoration of temporary debris management sites.

– David Cook, Director of SCDOT Maintenance – South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT)